Providing a dynamic, fitness and nutrition program

The aim of The Fitwalk Body Transformation Challenge is to encourage and aid in the growth of a healthier South African population, especially during these difficult times. We will do this by...

Providing a dynamic, fitness and nutrition program that will educates and creates awareness amongst individuals and families, in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

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The key problem facing South Africans in attaining these objectives lies not in the individual but in:

  • The lack of exposure and direction of proper educational material.
  • The influx of ‘fad’ diets which invariably leads to a unnatural weight management lifestyle, which is a contributing factor towards an obese and unhealthy nation.

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• Those that are aimed at providing a healthy lifestyle and facilitating this development between families and social groups; and

• Showcases this via a tried and tested training and nutrition programme; namely ‘The Fitwalk Body Transformation Challenge’.

Our interventions can be divided into two broad categories

Our social responsibility programme

  • The Fitwalk Body Transformation Challenge has a generous social responsibility programme in place which supports food parcel giveaways.
  • At the end of the Challenge, the organisers will donate R50 per entrant toward food parcel giveaways; organisation will be the choice of the main sponsor. 

The Fitwalk body transformation challenge is

First and foremost, an educational programme that teaches the individual the art of healthy eating and the correct methods of fitness training.

A successful weight management programme that can be safely followed on an ongoing basis.

A successful fitness programme that can be safely followed on an ongoing basis.

A total body and mind transformation.

A positive lifestyle change that is responsive & uplifting to both the entrant and their family

A dynamic 8 week Challenge that provides complete online support and motivation, email support and an interactive Facebook page.

A Social Responsibility 'Give Back’ programme.

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Some Background

Fitwalk weight management programme was developed in 2003 in collaboration between Sports Science graduate Navin Leeladhar and a nutritionist. The programme exceeded all expectations with weight losses recorded from 8 to 33 kilogrammes. The ongoing successes achieved by way of the programme, resulted in the birth of The Fitwalk Body Transformation Challenge. Initially launched on a regional basis and due to the volume of enquiries via the website and Facebook, the Challenge was opened, nationally. The Social Responsibility programme in support of donations and food parcels, completed the ‘Give Back’ policy. 

“To believe is to know that wonderful surprises are just waiting to happen,
And all our hopes and dreams are within reach.” 

So in conclusion, the Fitwalk Body Transformation Challenge is a highly successful, dynamic, interactive, educational, fitness and nutrition programme and is considered a ‘win win’ solution as families also benefit from a healthier lifestyle which in turn promotes unity and contentment.

The programme has helped many diabetics and those with high cholesterol and blood pressure as well as providing an increased confidence and energised, productive mindset within the workforce.

It is organised by credible experienced individuals and contributes towards a healthier nation and the social responsibility programme supports charitable organisations whilst promoting a ‘Give Back’ policy in the community.

"You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself into one.”

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